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June 21, 2017

I used to love to write. Well, on my Xanga anyway. As I've started this journey, I wanted a place where I can freely share my thoughts and point of view. Don't worry, it won't be just about me. We'll be sure to interview kickass people, and share how to add finish 

I'm sure you won't agree with everything, but would love to hear your thoughts along the way too. 

I suppose we owe ourselves a proper introduction. My name's Jennie, and I started Kinn few months ago. I've always worn jewelry in some shape or form (remember when beaded chokers were in back in 1999?). In case you're interested, my every jewelry includes: Large Signet Ring, Dome Ring and the Thick Twist Ring stacked. I've always worn the Elusive Dream Pendant, but recently added on my initial 'J' to the layer. 

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