Baroque Pearl Pendant II
Baroque Pearl Pendant II
Baroque Pearl Pendant II
Baroque Pearl Pendant II
Baroque Pearl Pendant II
Baroque Pearl Pendant II

Baroque Pearl Pendant II


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The Pearl Collection. Known as the "Queen of Gems," pearls stand for wealth, power, and wisdom. This pendant is ready to be worn with a chain that you already own as a necklace or a bracelet. 

Baroque pearls are naturally formed in the mollusk, and their finite beauty is derived from the asymmetric silhouettes--which then makes each pearl unique, and not one is exactly the same. 

This is the bigger version of our Baroque Pearl Pendant I. Chains are available separately: Rolo Chain, Box ChainPico Link Chain, Petite Link Chain, Mini Link Chain.

  • Pearl drop length is about 30mm long by 8mm wide
  • The Pearl comes with an enhancer that you can attach to any chain that you own.
  • Pearl care & wear: pearls are organic gemstones, so they're vulnerable to acid, extreme humidity and are not meant to be worn in the shower. 

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Kinn Concierge Service

Kinn Concierge Service


All of our pieces are solid 14k gold—not plated, filled or vermeil—so they are durable but malleable. Scratches with wear are normal, and they can be more noticeable on a larger surface area over time. 

For up to two years, Kinn Concierge Service will pay for your Kinn jewelry to get repaired, polished, or even to reset a stone. We will cover the shipping costs for return as well as reshipment. 

From start to finish, please allow 2-3 weeks. 

Available services include: polishing, cleaning, resetting a stone, removing engraving, broken chains. 

Please be advised that this service cannot be applied to any kinked herringbone chains. Please check the product page on how to take care of the necklaces properly.

Simply add the service to your cart, and hold onto your order number to be used in the near future! When you're ready to use the service, simply send us an email to with your order number and how you'd like to use the service. Please note that the Concierge Service is non-refundable.

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Always 14k Solid Gold.

Never filled nor plated.

Solid Gold
Gold Filled
Gold Plated
Gold Vermeil


Base Metal brass or copper

Base Metal silver