Repurpose your gold

Our commitment

At Kinn, our goal is to make the many moments you’ll live a little bit more beautiful, while doing our best to be thoughtful and responsible stewards of our our planet.

Through our Repurpose Projects, we breathe new life into your heirloom jewelry, recycling the metals and stones into new pieces.

start the conversation
Grab your jewelry

Grab your old jewelry of any brand (14k solid yellow gold only, no plated/filled). Send us an email with a list of items with photos.

We'll send a short questionnaire to better understand what you'd like to achieve to ensure we can accept your pieces.

Ship your jewelry

Once the credit or the project is estimated, send us your jewelry with our insured return label (estimated shipping will be also provided).

We'll test your materials, then melt down back to its purest elements, making it equal in quality to newly minded gold. Please note that we can lose up to 25% of gold during the process.

Enjoy your credit

Enjoy a Kinn store credit of $30 per gram of gold recycled toward any purchase on our site, or toward your new project.

Let us know if you prefer to create a bespoke piece with us, or if you'd like a store credit!

modern heirloom

We understand that these pieces hold a sentimental value. During our consultation, we can also discuss how we can maintain the meaning of the original piece while transforming it into a piece that is once again something new and exciting.

We look forward to creating one-of-a-kind bespoke pieces with you!

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"KinnCycle is an extension of our promise; recycling your old jewelry to breathe a new life."
—Jennie Yoon, Founder & CEO

Inspired by you,

and your many

moments lived.