Earth Day 2023

Our mission has always been to create jewelry that will last a lifetime—and not end up in a landfill. Creating timeless pieces and using recycled gold is one component of that. Another is offering products and services that minimize the number of new pieces produced, and extending the lives of those that already exist. This Earth Day, we’re highlighting three of our brand pillars that emphasize circularity.


If you haven’t met our KinnCycle® program—where you can send us 14k gold jewelry from any brand—then it’s a pleasure to acquaint you with one another. KinnCycle® is a creative and sustainable solution meant to recycle any jewelry you don’t want, so you can acquire the jewelry you do.

We’ve all been there, and received a gift that for one reason or another, doesn’t mean as much as it did when you were a teenager. What we’re trying to say is this—fill your wardrobe with pieces that you want to wear, and that will help make your many moments lived a little more beautiful. We want your jewelry box to be filled with pieces that your family will fight over one day—because it’s that good.

With KinnCycle®, in three simple steps, you’ll receive a Kinn gift card to shop on our site (where we use 94% recycled gold), or to put towards a custom jewelry project. Email us with photos of what you’d like to recycle at to start the process.


If you’ve inherited a family heirloom or two that doesn’t quite fit your vibe, but holds priceless sentimental value, it shouldn’t have to sit in a baggy in the back of your safe or jewelry box forever. The stones and metal will probably be on Earth a lot longer than we will, and they deserve to be treated like it. This is where we come in—because you should wear your grandma’s diamond earrings from the 40’s, and still feel like yourself while doing so. 

Repurposing an heirloom with us is simple. You can fill out our questionnaire here with some detail on what you’d like to create. Then, you’ll have a more in depth consultation with our designer, and we’ll melt down your metal, clean your stones, and use that material to make your dream piece. That’s it—repurposed and ready to wear for a lifetime.


To us, reimagination means putting intentional thought behind unwanted pieces, and ultimately giving old products new life. How can we make the best possible use of our resources? A recycled gold dome ring might perfectly compliment your mom’s old signet ring. Or if her signet isn’t quite your style, you can melt it into a new ring.

However you choose to use jewelry to embody your many moments lived—perhaps by re-homing one of our vintage pieces, repurposing a family heirloom, or purchasing a modern heirloom made from recycled gold—we’re here to help you keep circularity top of mind, and to celebrate your generations.