4c's diamond how to guide education 4c's diamond how to guide education

The 4C's—
Diamond Education

The four c's

Carat, Color, Cut, and Clarity — the measurable ways we assess diamond quality.

With an understanding of the 4C's, our team will guide you in your search for the perfect diamond.


The carat is a measurement of how much the diamond weighs. Each carat is divided into 100 ‘points’ so, if a diamond weighs 0.75 carats it is referred to as a “seventy-five pointer.”

With color, clarity, and cut being equal, larger diamonds are more costly. Two diamonds of the same carat weight may differ in value and cost depending on the other aspects
of the diamond’s grade: color, clarity, and cut. Carat is not necessarily the best indication of how large a stone will appear, rather the measurements of the diamond are a more important factor to consider.

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Color is generally one of the most noticeable characteristic, aside from size and shape. A diamond's color grade refers to the lack of tint or yellow.

GIA grades diamonds on a color scale from D-Z. Vow by Kinn only works with diamonds that fall within the D-I color range, ensuring that our diamonds do not have noticeable color.


The cut of a diamond refers to combination of the diamond’s proportions, polish, and symmetry. Cut grades range from poor to ideal, but only round brilliant diamonds receive a cut grade. All other diamond shapes receive a grade based on polish and symmetry.

The cut of a diamond is what creates the fire and scintillation that we love so much! Expert diamond cutters cut diamonds to specific proportions in order to maximize light return to your
eye. The diamond’s cut and shape are not the same. A diamond’s shape is the outline of the diamond when looking at it from the top down.


GIA defines diamond clarity as the absence of inclusions and blemishes. All Vow by Kinn diamonds are eye-clean, meaning that no inclusions or blemishes will be visible to your naked eye. We only carry diamonds that are Very Slightly Included or better, so you can be sure that your diamond is of high quality.

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