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The Diamond Guide

Understanding the 4 Cs

GIA is the world’s premier authority for diamond grading. At Kinn Studio, we follow GIA’s rigorous standards across the 4 Cs—measurable ways to assess a diamond’s unique beauty, quality, and value.
4 C’s


Carat (often abbreviated as 'ct') signifies a diamond's weight, not size, influencing value. While larger-carat diamonds are generally more valuable, two diamonds of an equal carat can vary greatly in price, reflecting differences in their cut, color, and clarity.

A carat weighs a fifth of a gram and is divided into 100 points, making precision in measurement essential to defining a diamond's actual weight for accurate diamond valuation.
While carat size is visually striking, a diamond’s true worth extends beyond mere size. It’s a balance of size with color, clarity, and cut.
Total carat weight (often abbreviated ‘ctw’) combines the weight of all diamonds in a piece, offering a comprehensive measure of its diamond content and value.
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4 C’s


Referring to the absence of tint or yellow of white diamonds, color is a notable characteristic. Kinn Studio™ meticulously chooses diamonds within the D-I color range, as graded by the GIA, ensuring each gem is virtually colorless for optimal brilliance.

Color dictates a diamond's purity and rarity, with the colorless spectrum being the most sought-after for its clarity. Color significantly impacts a diamond's overall quality and desirability.
A diamond's shape can influence the perception of its color, with some shapes accentuating or concealing hues.
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4 C’s


Clarity is defined by a diamond's natural imperfections. Adhering to GIA's standards, our Vow by Kinn Studio™ diamonds are 'eye-clean,” free from visible inclusions and blemishes. We hand select only those gems rated Very Slightly Included or better, guaranteeing high quality and purity.

Natural inclusions, ranging from crystals or air pockets, form the unique internal landscape of a diamond, impacting its clarity and character.
Through examination under magnification, clarity grading categorizes diamonds from flawless to visibly included.
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4 C’s


The cut of a diamond, a skillful blend of proportions, polish, and symmetry, is crucial in defining its brilliance. At Kinn Studio™, we prioritize precision in cutting, ensuring each diamond maximizes light return, creating desirable fire (color dispersion) and scintillation (sparkle).

Diamond proportions determine how a diamond interacts with light, both reflecting and refracting—a well-proportioned diamond balances light and dark areas, enhancing the stone's overall brilliance and fire.
Symmetry in diamonds refers to the precise alignment and placement of its facets (light-reflecting surface). Superior symmetry creates a balanced and captivating sparkle in each gem.
The polish of a diamond affects its shine and clarity. A high-quality polish assures the diamond's surface is smooth and flawless, maximizing its light reflection.
A diamond's cut grade, ranging from poor to ideal, assesses the stone's proportions, symmetry, and polish. Grading determines how effectively it interacts with light to reveal its ultimate brilliance and fire.
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Diamond Varieties

Celebrated for their intense sparkle and shine, diamonds come in various cuts. Beyond shape, a cut's true essence lies in how its facets reflect and refract light.
Round Brilliant Cut
Unmatched in brilliance and one of our most popular cuts, Round Brilliant cut stones are ideal for those who love classic sparkle.
Cushion Cut
With its soft, rounded edges and romantic appeal, Cushion cut diamonds blend vintage charm and modern radiance.
Creating a mirror-like effect with an elongated, rectangular shape and stepped facets, Emerald cut stones offer understated luxury.
Blending round and marquise, the Pear cut is elegantly teardrop-shaped, offering sophistication with a touch of whimsy.
With an elongated shape that maximizes carat weight and looks universally flattering, Oval cut stones are a timeless yet versatile choice.
Maximizing carat appearance with its unique boat-like shape, Marquise cut diamonds offer a uniquely regal, bold look.