Close To My Heart—With Madison and Jonathan

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Close To My Heart—With Madison and Jonathan

Meet Madison Chertow and Jonathan Bar, the duo behind our new Valentine's Day inspired collection—Close To My Heart.

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Close To My Heart Collection

JANUARY 20, 2023

At Kinn, we are inspired by you and your many moments lived. We got a chance to chat with Madison & Jonathan, the duo behind our new Valentine’s Day inspired collection—Close To My Heart.

Madison Chertow (@madisonelainechertow) is a Los Angeles based influencer and entrepreneur, and her partner Jonathan Bar (@jnthnbar), is a fashion photographer and interior designer.

Post shoot, we spoke to Madison and Jonathan about their story as a couple, and what love means to them.

Kinn: Tell us a little bit about yourselves. How and when did the two of you meet? How long have you been together?

M&J: We have a pretty unique story—we actually met on Myspace in 2006. We were internet pen pals who talked all day everyday for years. For over 10 years, we were just internet pen pals-words on a screen. But just over 6 years ago now was our first real date and we’ve been inseparable since that night.

Kinn: How and when did you know your partner was the one you wanted to spend your life with?

M&J: I feel like I always knew. We had such a connection when we were just young kids, and that connection being sustained over so many years and phases of life and into adulthood was truly magical. The night of our first real date was what instantly made us both know. I know for Jonathan it was the moment too, because he moved back to LA shortly after that night to be with me.

Kinn: What is something small your partner does that means a lot to you?

M&J: Every day before starting our day, over coffee, he makes an effort to share one thing he loves and appreciates about me, which then prompts me to do the same. 

Kinn: How do you prioritize spending time together with busy schedules?

M&J: We have been SO busy the last two years. We actually started a business together, called @homebodyla, so that’s been an adjustment to our routines. But for us it's always important that at night, no matter what, we spend our few hours of ‘us time’ hanging on the couch watching silly movies, or getting dinner and reconnecting after a long day.


Kinn: If you could give one piece of relationship advice to anyone, what would it be?

M&J: I know it’s cliche, but communication and compromise are truly the keys. And make sure your partner feels appreciated, no matter how busy you are and how much is on your mind.

Kinn: What are both of your love languages? How do you like to give and receive love?

M&J: My love language is acts of service. His is physical touch. We are always putting in the effort to communicate to each other in our individual love languages. 

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