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Custom Engagement Rings: Brides Q&A

Kinn founder Jennie Yoon answers your most asked questions about our bespoke engagement ring process.

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MAY 18, 2022

Whether you’re celebrating your first engagement or renewing vows, Kinn founder Jennie Yoon designs and creates bespoke engagement rings to commemorate your most meaningful moments—then, now, always.

What kind of couples typically choose to design a custom ring, and why do you think they go this route instead of picking something off the shelf?

There isn’t a set type of couple that chooses to design a custom ring. There are many reasons why couples choose to go in this direction, even though it often takes longer and requires more involvement than purchasing a ready-made piece. Reasons include: 1) One person has received a significant heirloom and would like to make it their own or incorporate it into the design, 2) The bride-to-be is looking for something truly unique. If you have certain priorities with the design, i.e. the use of lab grown diamonds, a different color band, a unique shape, etc., custom is the best way to accommodate these wants. 

How do you know if going custom is right for you? 

First decide the reasons you want to customize your ring - is it for a unique style or do you want to  incorporate an heirloom into your jewelry? If it’s the latter, customizing is really the best option. 

For a unique aesthetic, think about your wants and needs for the piece and if this is something that can be found or needs to be custom created. You’ll also need to be involved in the creative process, and this can be exciting for couples to do this together, making the final piece even more symbolic. But make sure you have the time and the flexibility to be part of it all. Finalize your budget (custom design doesn’t always mean more expensive!) and ensure going custom aligns with that, taking into consideration the design fees added and time required. 

When should couples start designing their custom engagement ring?

It typically takes 6-8 weeks to complete the project from the first conversation to the final product. The design process is the most time consuming between conception, seeing the rendering and then making modifications. This should be used as a guideline based on when they would want the ring by. 

What does the process of designing a custom engagement ring look like

Typically, we start with a consultation to get an understanding of their needs, wants, and lifestyle. From there, we request a mood board of inspiration and pieces they like. Then, we start the design process. We’ll narrow down to 2-3 designs and share with the customer. From there, we can make final tweaks before we begin making the piece. 

What's the average cost, and what goes into that cost?

This is a pretty wide range because there are so many variables. The size of the stone, the metal, lab grown or natural, along with the details and materials that can be repurposed from heirlooms. We’ve worked with a wide range of budgets and are transparent with the pricing of materials, etc. with our customers from the start. 

What should couples look for in a jeweler?

Couples should look for a trusted jeweler with proven experience. Look for GIA credentials to ensure you are working with someone that is knowledgeable in the space. From there, ask for reviews, a portfolio of their previous work, and what their process looks like. You want to be sure you’re on the same page with expectations, values when it comes to sourcing materials, and ultimately, that you like their designs. But most importantly, I think that the jeweler should be transparent with you on all the questions that you might have, but also be willing to educate you on things on the process.


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