FAST COMPANY—Most Innovative Award

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FAST COMPANY—Most Innovative Award

Kinn named as one of Fast Company's Most Innovative companies for efforts in the fine jewelry and luxury space.

MARCH 02, 2023

This year, Kinn has been named one of Fast Company’s Most Innovative companies. A proudly AAPI female founded and led brand, they’re being recognized for their efforts in the fine jewelry and luxury space. Setting the standard with some of the most accomplished brands of the modern world, they are humbled to share this honor with so many groundbreaking companies.

Kinn’s mission has always been to create jewelry that will last a lifetime. While creating timeless pieces and using sustainable materials is one component of that, another is innovating product offerings with a circular mindset, to minimize the number of new products produced and extend the lives of those that already exist. 

In 2022, Kinn continued to scale and innovate Repurpose and Vintage offerings. The KinnCycle® program was created to breathe new life into existing heirlooms and inherited fine jewelry, whether purchased from Kinn or not. Kinn has now released 10 Vintage collections (over 250+ jewelry pieces) for customers to shop from. These pre-loved pieces are sourced, authenticated, and cleaned prior to making their way onto Kinn’s website. By integrating a Vintage marketplace where pieces seamlessly align with Kinn’s signature aesthetic, the Kinn community has access to one-of-a-kind resale pieces and the thrill of the find. This expansion into resale allows Kinn to offer more variety to customers without unnecessarily increasing production. 

The fine jewelry industry has been traditionally known for its lack of transparency when it comes to materials, sourcing, labor practices, and more. More than ever, consumers are making a statement with their purchases, and standing by companies that align with their values. Kinn intentionally integrates their values into their business model and community. By prioritizing transparency and sustainability, Kinn hopes to inspire other businesses to take steps towards becoming more circular and thoughtful. 

“I never would have imagined this level of love for Kinn when the brand started out of my garage five years ago,” quotes Jennie Yoon, Founder & CEO. "Today, we are proud to remain an independent small business led by a passionate team in Downtown LA. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your lives, and for the continuous support. 

We can’t wait to see what this upcoming chapter will bring. 

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you—then, now, always.”


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