Holiday 2019 — A Note from the Founder

As September gets into full swing, it's finally beginning to feel like a transitioning season. I (Kinn Founder, Jennie) have been debating how I wanted to launch this season's collection, and I couldn't think of a better way than to make it personal. 

It has been nearly two years since Kinn launched. During the journey of building Kinn, I've met so many people. The good-hearted people, interesting people, hard-working people, loving people, passionate people. You see, everyone had a story to tell, and we've been so fortunate that they wanted Kinn to be part of their beautiful journey.

The Holiday Collection continues to celebrates people, and the uniqueness of their lives. Each piece echos the iconic women that we look up to. This collection is particularly dedicated to my new baby girl, Kaia, who continues to amaze me every day. 

x, J—