Introducing: Kinn Vintage

If every item we purchased was designed and made to last a lifetime, how much less would we acquire? 

It started out as a simple thought as I was sitting with Pauline, my husband's grandmother, adoring her vintage pieces from the 40's. As Pauline was putting on a gold ring with a round ruby, she said that it was a piece that she wore for many years and didn't take off. She smiled at the ring, as if the minor scratches brought back a piece of memory from when she wore it.

I couldn't help but wonder when that someone will have a similar moment with one of the Kinn pieces 50 years from now. 

To bridge this together with sustainability in mind, I wanted to start the conversation in creating a more circular economy by allowing some of the quality pieces from the past find new homes. 

I hope you'll enjoy our edits of vintage pieces sourced from around the world, carefully curated for the Kinn woman in mind. 

x, Jennie

alt="Kinn Vintage blue sapphire and diamond ring"
alt="Kinn Vintage rings"