Meet The Artist—Chloe Takayanagi

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Meet The Artist—Chloe Takayanagi

This AAPI month, we’re featuring Los Angeles-based celebrity stylist Chloe Takayanagi. She’s worked with the likes of Simu Liu, Kumail Nanjiani, Taika Waititi, Scott Eastwood, Ray Liotta, and Anthony Mackie. She’s also styled editorial shoots for clients like Man About Town, Entertainment Weekly, and more.

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MAY 17, 2024

Chloe, an LA native, got her start in the industry assisting renowned men’s stylist Jeanne Yang, with whom she continues to work with. “Jeanne has taught me to be confident in my decisions and trust my instincts,” Takayanagi says of her mentor. For awards season, she went out on her own, dressing Everything Everywhere All at Once Oscar winner Ke Huy Quan: “His style is classic and tailored but with a little twist of quirkiness,” says Takayanagi, who especially loved Quan’s red velvet Armani at the Critics Choice Awards. “It was the perfect style to bring a bit of Chinese culture in while keeping it elegant.” As for Quan’s signature lapel pins, she says it started with a DIY googly-eye pin on his Thom Browne tux at the Golden Globes and gained momentum from there—“It was a way to nod to the film and add personality to a simple tuxedo.

Kinn: What attracted you to styling? Specifically menswear styling?

Chloe: I've always had an interest in fashion and playing dress up as a kid was one of my favorite things to do.  I was fascinated by how you could feel like a different version of yourself depending on what you put on.  I also spent a lot of time reading fashion magazines in middle school and high school, so I always knew that I wanted to try and pursue a career in the fashion industry.  I interned during the summers of my college years and after I graduated, I freelance assisted and then ended up assisting the extraordinary menswear stylist  Jeanne Yang for about 9 years. I fell into the menswear realm while working with her and realized I really enjoyed it and wanted to stick with it. 

Kinn: What’s your favorite form of creative expression? Other than wardrobe styling?

Chloe:  I really enjoy any type of arts and crafts, whether it's playing with clay, making greeting cards, crocheting, sewing, trying to DIY something for my home, but I’ll try anything really!  If I had to pick a favorite though, it would be creating jewelry, especially wax carving and sculpting with soft wax. 

Kinn: With the recent surge in AAPI visibility in Hollywood, what role do you think fashion and styling play in shaping narratives and challenging stereotypes?

Chloe: I think fashion and styling can give Asian and Asian American actors a chance to break out of the stereotypical norm that they might be cast in based on their looks. They don't want to be boxed into only roles where they need to be Asian. There will always be roles where a person of Asian descent is required, but I don’t think that should define all of the roles they play. 

Kinn: How do you see the future of AAPI representation in fashion and entertainment, and what role do you hope to play in shaping it? 

Chloe: In the coming years, I hope to see even more diversity in every level of both fashion and entertainment, whether it’s a creative director of a major brand, a cinematographer, editor at a fashion magazine, screenwriter, models in campaigns, or actors in leading roles. I would love to see more Asian and Asian American role models for kids to look up to. I hope to expand my own knowledge about different heritages and cultures and use that knowledge to portray and relay more accurate stories and styles through my work. 

Kinn: What advice would you give to people who look up to you?

Chloe: Work hard and be efficient with your time. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Sometimes you might have doubts and feel unsure, but you’ll gain confidence in your work and yourself with time and experience.  You can also go weeks and even months without a day off in this industry, but I believe you also need to take time for yourself and be aware of your mental health to avoid burnout, and lastly just be kind and practice empathy!