Meet The Artist—Halleta Alemu

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Meet The Artist—Halleta Alemu

In honor of Black History Month, we spoke with multimedia artist and writer Halleta Alemu about creative expression, human connection, and exciting projects on the horizon.

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FEBRUARY 10, 2024

Meet Halleta Alemu—a visionary, multimedia artist, and writer paving the way for creatives in the 21st century. Through performance art and experimental events, Halleta pushes the boundaries and explores the intricacies of the human experience, offering a sense of belonging to her viewers. Her substack Electric Blue is an experiential reading series and was featured in the LA Times, showcasing a fresh wave of experimental literature. With the progression of her career, Halleta released It Will Start With A Feeling in 2022—an enthralling collection of transformative diary entries that delve into the uncertainties and transformative power of isolation during 2020-2022. 

In honor of Black History Month, we had the privilege of speaking with Halleta about her unique approach to creative expression, her exploration with human connection, and exciting projects on the horizon.

Kinn: What’s your favorite form of creative expression?

Halleta: Even though I'm a writer, I'm going to say dancing. It actually helps me get ideas out of my body to be able to write. There's so much the body can release and communicate without words. Opening up new channels of thought. It's so necessary for me. I try to dance every day. 

Kinn: What do you want our audience to know about you?

Halleta: That all I desire is to make you feel more alive when you engage with my work. 

Kinn: We know you’re working on a novel. Tell us a little bit about it.

Halleta: Yes! Still deep in the writing process, but in essence it's about the murky crossover between girlhood and womanhood. How that passage can still feel unclear in your late 20s. Also, how our relationships with our bodies dictate our relationships with the world at large. 

Kinn: What can subscribers expect from your substack Electric Blue?

Halleta: Poetic reflections and examinations of living. Finding ways to dive inside feeling. Dissecting moments to find the charge. Truly, I just want people to feel more electrified by guiding their eyes to see more beauty. 

Kinn: Who are a few creatives you're inspired by?

Halleta: I'm honestly the most inspired by musicians, especially experimental pop acts—people like Charli XCX, Kelela, Shygirl, and Weyes Blood captivate me with their music/world-building.