Meet The Artist—Taylor Villanueva

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Meet The Artist—Taylor Villanueva

We spoke with San Francisco based painter and collage maker Taylor Villanueva about artistic inspiration, jewelry styling, and her favorite Kinn pieces.

SEPTEMBER 26, 2022

At Kinn, we believe in celebrating you—we are inspired by the uniqueness of your narrative and your many moments lived. 

Meet Taylor Villanueva (@a_littlemango), a San Francisco based painter and collage maker. We had the opportunity to sit down and talk with her about artistic inspiration, her favorite Kinn pieces, and jewelry styling.

Kinn: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your craft?

Taylor: My name is Taylor Villanueva (she/her), I live in San Francisco and I’m an artist. My grandparents immigrated from the Philippines here to SF so it’s a special place for me. 

I grew up with Pride and Prejudice and American Girl dolls who had their own worlds and machinations. They practiced musical instruments, collage making, needlepoint, and other artistic skills to be accomplished young folx. I fell into my own world and I would try to recreate these arts and crafts gatherings with my young friends in middle school and we’d make potpourri or pomander oranges stuck with cloves for our families. Collage has always felt like my best medium because of all the symbolism it can hold. A pressed flower, a torn page from a newspaper, sentimental paper goods. I can make my own meaning out of seemingly random pieces and somehow connect the thread that binds them all. I also enjoy making ceramics, watercolor, and photography. I go to the medium that the project (personal or professional) calls for. 

Kinn: What are your favorite Kinn pieces and how do you style them?

Taylor:  The Pavé Huggies! They are indulgent and classic at the same time. I also love the Claudine Twist Ring II. My jewelry is very personal to me and also must hold up with all the materials I work with! 

It depends. As my perspective changes, I evolve and my expression changes with it. Something that speaks to you now might not serve you in the future. It’s important for my style to reflect that and hold space for change. That being said, I love recycled gold and ethically sourced or lab grown diamonds, that won’t change! Bling is the thing. 

You can find out more about Taylor Villanueva here:


alt="Claudine Twist Ring II, Classic Signet Ring, Double Dare to Love Dome Ring"alt="Francoise Stacked Ellipse Ring, Eloise Oval Signet Ring"



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