National Wine Day—With Cat From Dulan

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National Wine Day—With Cat From Dulan

In honor of National Wine Day, we spoke with Cat Chen—owner of Dulan Wine. Dedicated to crafting old-world wines from 60+ year old vines, Cat’s winemaking journey has been a true labor of love.

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MAY 24, 2024

In honor of National Wine Day—meet Cat Chen, wine enthusiast and founder of Dulan Wine. Inspired by her father, Cat's love for wine began at a young age. "My dad has been my biggest inspiration to start my own journey in wine. Through him, I’ve learned to love and deeply appreciate wine. It’s a universal language," Cat shares, reflecting on her early immersion in the world of winemaking.

Before launching Dulan Wine, Cat’s career spanned various industries. She navigated corporate communications, representing companies like Facebook and Kickstarter, and later made a significant impact in the interior design world with Amber Interiors. "I was lucky enough to help build a consumer brand through marketing, licensing, and co-writing two best-selling books," she recalls. As VP of Brand and Marketing, Cat's diverse experiences laid the groundwork for her leap into winemaking, bringing with her a wealth of knowledge from tech PR to interior design branding. "While the jobs are completely different, I’m learning that you can find a common thread between industries and skills," she notes.

Cat's winemaking journey is deeply rooted in the picturesque vineyards of Paso Robles, where she manages the family vineyard and collaborates with local winemakers. Her label, Dulan Wine, focuses on intentional sipping and old-world wine styles, crafted from vines over 60 years old. "Our wines are made from 60+ year old vines, and it's important for me to share the intricacies and time it takes to make them," Cat explains. The process, spanning upwards of three years from harvest to bottle, reflects her dedication and the artisanal approach of Dulan Wine. "It’s been an absolute labor of love, learning along every twist and turn," she adds, grateful for the support of friends and fellow wine enthusiasts.

When it comes to glassware, Cat prefers the classics—Riedel and Schott Zwiesel, renowned for their quality and elegance. As for food pairings, she believes in the simple pleasure of enjoying what you love. "Yes, certain foods and wine work well together, but my theory is to drink what you love and eat what you love. I promise the 'pairing' will work," Cat advises with a smile.

This weekend, shop and sip a complimentary glass of Dulan at our LA concept store.