Remember why you started

It takes a village to create something good. I mean, real good. The phrase "surround yourself with people who are better and smarter than you" gets tossed around too frequently. And it wasn't until building Kinn where this came to its full awakening. 

It's been a year and half since Kinn officially launched. I started Kinn to replace the antique jewelry my parents lost when their home was robbed. In honor of those priceless heirlooms, I decided to design classic pieces that stand the test of time. After a lifetime of wear, I wanted to make sure people can pass the jewelry on as an heirloom. 

What I'd built at launch was an MVP (minimal viable product) that was just enough to get started. Over time, I started to see orders from customers who weren't my family or friends, and started to gather insight, feedback, including what they love, why they chose Kinn, what they look for in jewelry etc. With that, I knew I wanted build a stronger foundation to the brand that got me started. 

Coincidentally, I'd realized that everyone that was a part of our six-months rebranding journey were all women--women with stories to tell--women who can relate to why Kinn exists. I'm so proud to share some of the most talented women I got a chance to work with. 

Allison Henry Aver: Kinn's Creative Director who not only is well respected for her talent, but who also can relate to Kinn's story. We pulled everything apart from why we exist, to choosing colors, to redesigning our packaging. 

Sage Corson: Designer who worked alongside with Allison, who can turn ideas into thoughtful assets. Now designing our emails. 

Sarah Holden: Badass Developer who custom built our beautiful website, who is also an instructor at General Assembly. 

Brandi Herrera: Beautiful copywriter who knows how to turn thoughts into sincere words. 

Kourtney Kyung Smith: Incredible photographer who can turn ideas into photos that are worth a thousand words.