Warmer days are finally here, and our pieces are made to accompany you wherever you go—whether you're at the beach or at the pool. Here's a little Kinn TLC (tender loving care).

Shower etiquette.

Unlike plated or filled jewelry, you can shower with solid gold jewelry as it would not damage the metal itself. However it can reduce the shine over time, which you can get them professionally cleaned.

Handle with care.

If you're wearing fragile or small pieces, we do recommend removing so they don't fall out in the shower or in the ocean.

Quick cleaning.

Clean your jewelry (often) for a quick pick-me-up by mixing 2 part dish soap with 10 parts warm water. You can soak the jewelry for a few minutes, then gently scrub with a soft toothbrush. We do not recommend this if you have a soft stone mounted i.e. emerald, pearl. Last but not least, be sure to polish with a soft jewelry cloth!