Those Who Mother—Nichaela & Bobbi

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Those Who Mother—Nichaela & Bobbi

As the final feature of our #ThoseWhoMother campaign—meet Nichaela, a London-based digital designer, and her daughter Bobbi.

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MAY 09, 2023

A mother is many things, each of equal weight and strength. We are honored to journey with her through everything—wherever she may go. 

Each year, we continue to celebrate mothers of all kinds. Expecting moms, adoptive moms, bonus-moms, those trying so very hard to become moms, moms we’ve lost, moms who make birthdays and Tuesdays special. To aunts, grandmothers, and friends who are like moms—offering guidance and love when we need it the most.

The final feature of our #ThoseWhoMother campaign—meet Nichaela and Bobbi. Nichaela is a successful digital designer, and mom to Bobbi. The pair live in London.

When we asked her about the significance of her own jewelry, Nichaela showed us three pieces she never takes off—a “Bobbi” nameplate, a necklace gifted by her mom on her 21st birthday, and a ring from her best friend.


“When my mom passed a few years ago, I was drawn to starbursts and I didn’t realize until months afterwards that it was because she would always wear a locket with starbursts. It’s a little bit tarnished and it’s lost its jewel but I still wear it every day.


Describing her own mom’s background, Nichaela notes, “She had to really find what family and love meant, and not necessarily with a traditional maternal figure. She really had to dig deep and find what the meaning of a mother was and what family was.”

Since becoming a mom herself, Nichaela’s sense of self and identity has undergone a significant transformation. In the early stages, she found it difficult to distinguish between her role as a mother and her own individuality. “It was a huge learning curve to be mom and remain Nichaela.”


“Becoming a mother doesn’t always go the way that you imagined, but I wouldn’t change a thing.”


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Nichaela wears Kinn bracelets

Nichaela wears Kinn piecesBobbi wears Mini Oliver Teddy Bear NecklaceBobbi wears Kinn earringsNichaela wears Bobbi nameplate necklace