Those Who Mother—Rebecca

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Those Who Mother—Rebecca

As part of our #ThoseWhoMother campaign—meet Rebecca, who's raising her 18-month old son while also expecting her second child.

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APRIL 18, 2023

A mother is many things, each of equal weight and strength. We are honored to journey with her through everything—wherever she may go. 

Each year, we continue to celebrate mothers of all kinds. Expecting moms, adoptive moms, bonus-moms, those trying so very hard to become moms, moms we’ve lost, moms who make birthdays and Tuesdays special. To aunts, grandmothers, and friends who are like moms—offering guidance and love when we need it the most.

Continuing our dialogue with #ThoseWhoMother—meet Rebecca. Rebecca is expecting her second child, while also raising her 18-month-old son. 

“I’m so thrilled that I will be having two amazing little boys, I never expected it, I feel so so lucky beyond my wildest dreams.”

During our conversation, she wore her favorite Kinn pieces, and told us about a piece gifted by her husband for her first Mother’s Day—a necklace with her son’s footprints.


Kinn: Can you tell us your name, where you live, and a little bit about yourself?

Rebecca: My name is Rebecca Layoo and I live in London and I’m an actor. I was born in Uganda, and we left in 1986 in times of political turmoil. [My mom’s] family was quite well known and she had to flee the country with my dad. She was quite young when she had me. She came to the UK and had to rebuild her life here. My parents separated when I was very young, and [my mom] built a life and career as an immigrant with a young child and no real support network, and never let me feel that. I had the most joyous childhood.

Kinn: How was your first pregnancy and labor, and how has this pregnancy been? 

Rebecca: My first pregnancy was in lockdown, so it was quite a lonely experience, but physically it was very easy. This pregnancy feels a little harder, balancing having a toddler—and it’s been more emotional knowing I can’t give him as much physically as I want to, and making space for this person who is going to be in this family. I’m really excited. Brothers!

[Re labor] With my first baby, I was induced because I had reduced movement and he was small for gestational age. That was quite a scary moment. The fear of wondering, “Is everything going to be okay?” The doctor left the room for a moment and I played this song, it’s called “You And Me” and I can’t remember who it’s by, but I just sat there and said—“It’s you and me kid. We’re going into this really wild journey and I’m here and I’ve got you and I’ll always be here. Let’s do this.”

Kinn: What does the term mother mean to you, and who has taken a mothering role in your life?

Rebecca: Mothering is for anyone who is nurturing of your spirit, someone who protects your joy. I’ve had a few mothers, I’ve got lots of aunts, I come from a big family of women. Growing up, I had a childminder who lived next door to me. I am an only child and I would spend every day at their house.

Kinn: What do you respect most in your own mother, and what qualities of hers do you see in yourself?

Rebecca: She built this incredible career whilst being a single parent, going back to university. I’ve often felt like I haven’t quite lived up to that. I suppose the reason she worked so hard is to give me all these opportunities to explore and enjoy life more, and not have to work as hard as she did to make it work. She has never lost her warmth or her spirit, and giving everything she has experienced in her life, that’s quite a remarkable trait. I wish I had more of that.

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Those Who Mother — Rebecca