Today, Tomorrow, Always.

In solidarity against racism, Kinn commits to continuing diverse partnerships and collaborations as well as donating 15% of proceeds to Black Lives Matter and NAACP during the month of June.

JUNE 07, 2020

To our Kinn community— 

Like many, our hearts grieve, And we simply cannot continue “business as usual”. As a business owner, a mother, a friend, a POC, and as a human, I stand against racism. We will not stay silent. Black lives matter. And it’s worth repeating – until the day it never needs to be pointed out again.

We have taken the past week to take a step back and learn about this system. To analyze our participation or lack thereof. We have thought through an actionable path forward to create real change. Instead of adding noise, we wanted to create a space for those needing to be heard during the week. We also wanted to take the time to listen and reflect. Though small, we’re committed to using our platform to participate in the voice of change.

With that said, we’d like to share our immediate and long-term Initiatives. This will continue to evolve as we take steps forward with open ears and open hearts. We know that this is just the beginning and we welcome your feedback.


We are committed to continue collaborating with Black creatives, partners, brands and talent as an ongoing effort to promote more diverse and inclusive partnerships. We will also continue to use our platform to help amplify voices that need to be heard. 


We will donate 15% of our proceeds to Black Lives Matter and NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) for the month of June. This is a small step in the right direction. And we will continue to make contributions to communities in need of our support. 


This is a step we have always taken, but as a growing business, we will ensure diversity and inclusivity is a top priority going forward. Inclusivity is important at every level—from the hiring process (including our makers, designers, leadership), to the creatives and the brands that we partner with and beyond. We will review internally to ensure we create programs to educate our team members and to focus on diversity, equality and inclusion across the board. 


In solidarity, 

Jennie Yoon

CEO & Founder, Kinn