What Do We Pass On?—Danae & Hector

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What Do We Pass On?—Danae & Hector

During our chat at a London cafe, Danae shared what she has absorbed from mother figures, shaping her own journey into motherhood with son Hector.

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APRIL 29, 2024

What do we pass on?

In each of our lifetimes, mother figures innately instill in us their legacy. Through every heirloom—whether it be their native language, a family recipe, their artistry, or a cherished vintage ring—they guide us to where we’re supposed to be, shaping our past, present, and future. As we journey through life, we realize that we are reflections of those who raised us. Just as they guide us, we teach and inspire, exchanging lessons for generations to come. 

This year, we’re honoring heirlooms of all kinds, and hosting intimate conversations with people from all walks of life. 

Our third feature this Mother’s Day, meet London based mother and son—Danae & Hector.

During our conversation with Danae, we learned about cherished heirlooms that mother figures have passed down to her. Some physical, others intangible—each has served as a guiding light for Danae through her own journey of motherhood with son Hector.  


Kinn: What is the happiest memory with your mom? 

Danae: When I was about to give birth to my children, my mum came to stay with us. She put her needs last to mother us all as if we were infants.

Kinn: What is something that has been passed down to you? 

Danae: I was given my grandmother's name, and before she passed she gave me her wedding band, which I wear around my neck. 

Kinn: If you could tell your past self something, what would it be? 

Danae: To tone down the self doubt. 

Kinn: Do you and your mom have a shared icon? Who and why? 

Danae: Yes. My grandmother, because of her selflessness, kindness, and grace. 

Kinn: What is a piece of your mother’s jewelry  you love the most?

Danae: A small pearl charm that she got when we were on a family trip to San Francisco when I was a child. I seem to remember it being harvested from an oyster right in front of us and it reminds me of the excitement and wonder I felt seeing it. 

Kinn: What is the best advice your mom has given you?

Danae: To always keep an open mind and value my independence. 

Kinn: If you could write your future self a letter, what would it say? 

Danae: As I expect my future self to be much wiser than my present self, I can’t imagine my advice to be helpful. I guess I would just remind her of the littleness of my children, their first words with the adorable mistakes, their fears, their obsessions, and all the wonderful memories of their childhoods that I’ll want to share with them when they’re grown up. 

What will you pass on?