What Do We Pass On?—Sam

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What Do We Pass On?—Sam

Meet Sam—our fourth Mother’s Day feature. Sam’s mother is a speech pathologist who empowers transgender individuals to find their true voices. To Sam, she’s a source of inspiration, and has helped him embrace his own identity.

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MAY 03, 2024

What do we pass on?

In each of our lifetimes, mother figures innately instill in us their legacy. Through every heirloom—whether it be their native language, a family recipe, their artistry, or a cherished vintage ring—they guide us to where we’re supposed to be, shaping our past, present, and future. As we journey through life, we realize that we are reflections of those who raised us. Just as they guide us, we teach and inspire, exchanging lessons for generations to come. 

This year, we’re honoring heirlooms of all kinds, and hosting intimate conversations with people from all walks of life. 

Through this campaign, we met some really incredible people—including Sam. 

Sam’s mother Cecilia is a speech pathologist who empowers transgender individuals to find their true voices and aids post-operative patients in reclaiming theirs. Her work is not just clinical—it provides profound emotional support for countless people. To Sam, she’s a constant source of guidance and inspiration, and has helped him embrace his own identity.

Kinn: What is a quote that is important to you? 

Sam: “All great knowing has come from inner knowing” –Nassim Haramein 

Kinn: What is the happiest memory with your mom? 

Sam: Walking through the streets of Lisbon on a trip for her 70th birthday, getting lost, finding cute galleries and quirky stores to stumble into… and eating too many pastéis de nata. 

Kinn: What is something that has been passed down to you? 

Sam: My mother always encouraged me to speak my truth clearly and proudly. She is a speech pathologist by trade, but more than that she knows the power of necessity for clarity of voice and language in all ways. 

Kinn: If you could tell your past self something, what would it be? 

Sam: Stay weird. It only gets weirder. 

Kinn: What is something you admire about yourself? 

Sam: It is my blessing and my curse—my ruthless ability to maintain freedom and adventure in my life. 

Kinn: Do you and your mom have a shared icon? Who and why? 

Sam: Probably Dame Judy Dench. Because OBVS. We saw her perform opposite Maggie Smith in the West End when I was a teenage budding dramatist. Perfection is an understatement. What a duo. 

Kinn: What is a piece of your mother’s jewelry  you love the most?

Sam: She has a ridiculously chunky polished jewel (I don’t know exactly what) but she wears it only on very special occasions and keeps it in the safe. I call it the heart of the ocean, ‘cause never let go Jack. <3 

Kinn: What is the best advice your mom has given you?

Sam: She's not much for advice giving, but she has always modeled a deeply humble and reserved power of intellectual clarity and critical awareness that I like to think I’ve absorbed through osmosis. 

What will you pass on?