With Gratitude

“There’s that moment every year. We would typically be sitting down to a much-awaited table—the sum of the attention of to-do lists and the recipe that you’ve been trying to perfect.

Yet no matter how perfect (or chaotic), there’s that special pause that comes from family gatherings.It’s the place of reflection of the year behind—and ahead. It’s the place of stories we have lived and to be told.

Though this year we may not be sharing a table, we have much to be thankful for. Here’s to those who helped grow Kinn during one of the most challenging times—the employees, the makers, the daily postal worker, and our community who allowed us to continue to make pieces for.

We’re hopeful for what is ahead, and excited to continue making timeless pieces for you to treasure—then, now, always.

From our table to yours—
Happy Thanksgiving."

Jennie Yoon
Founder & CEO