Over-priced, over-complicated jewelry
have been the standard. We're here to change that.

Stories can be told in many forms.
Jewelry is one of them.

  • Our intention is to define luxury through a modern lens, and to create thoughtful pieces that you can wear daily -- so one day, you can pass them on as family heirlooms, filled with stories. 

  • Your pieces are made with solid gold -- not filled, plated nor vermeil. So they won't change color over time, nor turn your skin green. Your jewelry is also made in Los Angeles with trusted makers, because we care about who makes the pieces, just as much as we care who they're for. 

They say it's not what happens to you,
it's what you do about it. 

  • In the Spring of 2016, Jennie Yoon's parents house was robbed and all their valuable jewelry was taken--including her grandmother's antiques. As Jennie searched high and low to replace her parents' jewelry, she realized she'd be left empty pocketed. 

  • Turns out, traditional jewelry retailers mark up their prices, and the the weight and the value of the jewelry is almost never disclosed. So she started KINN, where the jewelry is sold by the jewelry weight value plus a transparent design, labor and manufacturing premium. Real metals, real gems—for a real price that you can get behind. You can trust KINN to #keepitreal.

Here's the thing:
We're you, and we've tried it all.

  • There's something badass about making something by hand, and the quality that can only be achieved in this way. It's just that simple: we want to make fine jewelry that we can all get behind. 

  • We buy jewelry for friends, family, and for ourselves too. But we don't want the fake stuff that turns our skin green, or the ones that breaks our bank. Are you ready to try us out?