At Kinn, our goal is to make the many moments you’ll live just a little bit more beautiful, while doing our best to be thoughtful and responsible stewards of our community and our planet.

When we founded Kinn in 2017, it was important for us to create pieces made to last a lifetime — not to end up in a landfill. KinnCycle is an extension of this promise; recycling your old fine jewelry to breathe a new life.

I. Grab your old jewelry of any brand (14k solid gold only, no plated/filled). Send us an email at hey@kinnstudio.com with a list of items with photos.

II. Send us your jewelry with our insured return label provided.

III. We'll test your materials, then melt down back to its purest elements, making it equal in quality to newly minded gold. Please note that we will lose up to 25% of gold during the process.

IV. You can enjoy a Kinn store credit of $30 per gram of gold recycled.


What is recycled gold?
Recycled gold is created from existing jewelry, industrial metals, or electronic components, then they're melted and refined until it reaches its purest elements, making it equal in quality to newly minded metals.

Ten years ago, recycled gold made up about 35 percent of the available gold in the world. That number has gone up significantly since then, as more gold has been recycled and increased consumer awareness.

How does it work?
When it comes to jewelry, the process starts by looking for impurities in the gold itself. Impurities are then melted off during the refinery process. If the gold has been mixed with other metals, such as nickel, these alloys are separated to determine the true karat value of the gold. From there, the recycled gold is molded into another piece of jewelry.

Why should I use recycled gold?
In its elemental form, gold is significantly rarer than diamonds. With a finite number of gold on Mother Earth, we will eventually run out of places to mine gold from. On top of that, many countries have seen soil erosion, deforestation, and other issues impacting the ecosystems from gold mining. Chemicals like mercury and cyanide, are also involved in the mining process layering more negative impacts. Using recycled gold will help reduce the demand for newly minded metals.